Norton Equipment Corp. Since 1935!

Our History

Fred R. Norton started Norton Equipment Corp. in 1935.  The home of this historical start was the automotive capital of the world, Detroit.  Norton Equipment Corp. began in the epicenter of his industry during a time of major automotive innovation.  The 1930’s is the time in automotive history where we see such landmark innovations as synchromesh manual transmissions, semi-automatic transmissions, automatic transmissions, independent front suspension and hydraulic brakes.  Becoming widely recognized for the high accuracy accomplished in his work led to Mr. Norton eventually producing styling equipment, surface plates, and other highly accurate pieces of measuring equipment.  In retrospect, starting Norton Equipment Corp. in a decade of automotive innovation seems fitting; almost prophetic.

Following the traditional timeline for a successful, honest, and innovative business, Norton Equipment Corp. saw a growing need for their product which brought the requirement of a larger facility.  With production needs increasing, Fred Norton decided it was time to move the operation.  In 1956, a small rural town called Blissfield in Southeastern Michigan became the new home to Norton Equipment Corp.  To this day, the main offices and manufacturing facilities are still located at this location.

After 38 years of watching his business grow and succeed, Mr. Norton passed away in 1973.  Following the founder’s death, the business was sold to the Cantrell family.  Gene Perry, an employee handpicked by Fred Norton, stayed on as Plant Manager.  Gene represented and fulfilled the role of a leadership authority who was hand-picked by the company’s founder to ensure the successful transition of ownership.  His integral role as Plant Manager continues today.

Like any great company, Norton Equipment Corp. has gone through a wide variety of changes throughout the years such as additions, new machinery, and ever-continuing innovation.  In 1996, the company purchased several acres of land in Blissfield’s new industrial park.  This new land would become the home of a new facility that included a 50 ton overhead crane, a huge CNC milling machine, and multiple other pieces of equipment to help the company accommodate the growing demands of their products.  With over 80 years of history, Norton Equipment Corp continues to operate with the same passion, dedication, and accuracy that assisted the company’s founder in his success during the start of his legacy.